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Biology exam 1​

Cell biology

​Animal and plant cells
Get that C in your GCSE
Bill Nye - Cells
Scientific Eye - Cells
GCSE revision - View an animal Cell
Get that C in GCSE
Animal and Plant cells - talk through on a whiteboard
Crash Course in Animal Cells
Crash Course in plant cells
In a nutshell - What is life?

Bacterial cells
It's OK to be smart - We're mainly microbes
ASAPScience - You are 90% microbe
Source Fed - Kissing transfers 80 million bacteria
Mr. Douglas - Animal, Plant and bacterial cells

Mocomi - Parts of a microscope.
Required Practical: Malmesbury Science - How to use a microscope

Cell Specialisation

Mitosis and meiosis
Fuse School - Growth, repair and mitosis
The difference between mitosis and meiosis
Crash Course in mitosis
ASAP Science - Mitosis and Meiosis

Stem cells 
BBC news - dog walks again
BBC news - Man walks again
BBC news - stem cells may restore sperm
Get that C in GCSE - Stem Cells
General Electric - Adult Stem Cells
​Cold Fusion - Wheel chair bound man walks again

World list - The top 5 most shocking mutations
Amoeba sisters animation - The power of a small change
TEDed - Where do genes come from?
DNA mutations and protein synthesis
Different types of mutations
In a nutshell - how evolution works


Water transport in cells
Required Practical: Malmesbury Science - Osmosis
The Amoeba sisters - Osmosis love story
How osmosis works
My GCSE - Osmosis
New GCSE Bitesize - Diffusion and Osmosis

Investigating osmosis
The Science Guys - Eggs and osmosis
Science music videos - Gummy bears and osmosis 

​Body systems and organisation
5 minute school - functions of blood
5 minute school - composition of blood

The heart
Required Practical: Malmesbury Science - Heart dissection
Heart dissection

The circulatory system
Crash Course in the respiratory system

The digestive system
National Geographic
Digestive enzymes 3D animation
3d ANIMATION - The digestive system
Crash Course - Biological Molecules
Crash Course in the digestive system
Living body digestion
Science Bank - Food and digestion

Breaking down food

Small intestine

Required Practical: Malmesbury Science - Enzymes
K-Science simulations - enzymes
Get that C in GCSE - Enzymes
Enzymes - How do they work?
Enzymes - what are they and how do they work?

Enzymes and temperature


Enzymes concentration

Enzyme action

The dangers of smoking
Smoking Risks

Infection and response
Pathogens and infection
Infectious Diseases, causes and controls
Classroom Video - viral epidemics
What you need to know about diseases
Crash Course in the immune system
In a nutshell - Ebola
In a nutshell - The immune system


Antibiotics & Antiseptics

Disease and fighting it
In a nutshell - Ebola
In a nutshell - The immune system
In a nutshell - Measles, should you vaccinate?
It's OK to be smart - vaccinations

Respiration, photosynthesis and bio-energetics


Aerobic respiration and diffusion

Investigating exercise

Anaerobic respiration
Usain Bolt - the man is a legend

Leaves and photosynthesis
Scientific eye photosynthesis
OHMS photosynthesis
Bill Nye - Plants
Photosynthesis channel

Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis
Curriculum bites - photosynthesis

Limiting factors
Limiting factors of photosynthesis
A presentation about the factors that affect photosynthesis
IGCSE - Another presentation about the factors that affect photosynthesis
Newspaper report - A cannabis farm found in Halesowen

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