Key Stage 3 Biology

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The human body - Systems

The skeleton
Bill Nye - bones 2 min
Scientific eye Movement - contains bones and muscles
The human skeletal system

Bill Nye - Bones and Muscles - 20 min
Have massive muscles
Science in action - Short clip
Scientific eye Movement - contains bones and muscles

Joints and muscle pairs
New living body - bones and joints
Scientific eye Movement - contains bones and muscles
Crash Course - Joints


The human body - Drugs and their effects

Scientific eye - Drugs and health 20 min
Dara O'Brian Science Club - Smart drugs - 5 min
Rats on drugs
The eyes of Nye - Drugs

Reaction tests
British skier drugs cheat took amphetamines
Drunk driving advert
Reaction times in tennis
Scientific eye - reaction times at end of clip

Alcohol and the teenage brain
Alcohol and your brain
An alcoholics liver cirrhosis
Bitesize cigarettes and alcohol 7 min
Message in a bottle
Sci show brain cells

Bitesize cigarettes and alcohol 7 min
Scientific eye - smoking in the middle
Smoking machine
Vaping advert

Amsterdam coffee shops
Bob Marley's funeral
Cannabis - what's the harm?
Professor David Nutt

Other recreational drugs
Ed Sheeran - the A team

Fertilisation and adaptations of the egg and sperm
Conception - how you are born
Curriculum bites - chromosomes
Fertilisation and pregnancy
Fertilisation animation
Scientific eye - reproduction 20 min
Sperm meets egg
The human body - Dr. R Winston
The miracle of human creation
What happens during sex etc
The great sperm race game


The human body - The reproductive system

The male reproductive system
Male reproductive organs
Male reproductive system
Weird reproductive organs in animals

The female reproductive system
Female reproductive system animation - 2nd half good
Female reproductive system
The reproductive system

Conception to birth
Fertilisation and pregnancy
Pregnancy animation

Drugs during pregnancy
Babies addicted to prescription drugs
Drugs and pregnancy
Fetal alcohol syndrome
The effects of drug abuse on pregnancy

Friends - Rachel has the baby

An actual birth
Conception to birth

The menstrual cycle
Scientific Eye Reproduction - 4.30 minPhases of the menstrual cycle
Menstruation animation

Respiration - making energy for life

Too much sugar and fat
Burning a Pringle
Evaporating Coke

The essential food groups
Food groups
Scientific eye - diet and nutrition
The food groups are rockin' tonight

A balanced diet
Healthy breakfast ideas

Variation, genes and evolution

Little mix - DNA
TEDEd - DNA...The book of you
DNews - You're DNA is a hard drive
Bill Nye Science Guy - Genes
What is DNA?
DNA structure
Simple animation
Crash Course in DNA structure and replication
Crash Course in heredity
Medical Institution - How does all that DNA fit in a nucleus

DNA extraction
Strawberry DNA extraction
How to extract DNA from strawberries
BioNerd - Preparing a sample of her own DNA...  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

DNA discovery
The discovery of DNA - The secret of life
DNA Double Helix Discovery
HHMI - Double Helix Discovery
A home made Epic rap battle

In a nutshell - what is life?

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