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Physics 2

7 Vectors and velocity
What is velocity?
Speed, distance and time
What's the difference between distance and displacement?

9 Acceleration
Required Practical - Kamal Wafi - Acceleration
Untamed science - when is acceleration the greatest when freefalling?
What falls fastest - heavy or light?
A very fast car accelerating
A cheatah accelerating
measuring acceleration with a ticker timer

10 Velocity-Time graphs
D-T and V-T graphs from JamJarMMX
Drawing a velocity-time graph
HIGHER ONLY - area under a graph

11 Forces
Action and reaction
Untamed science - How do Kayakers use Buoyancy?Gravity: a Music Video - Untamed Science
Newton's laws of motion
GCN wind tunnel testing
​GCN air resistance

12 Resultant forces
Resultant forces presentation
Get that C in your GCSE
SpaceX - Falcon 9 Landing

13 Investigating force, mass and acceleration
Bugatti v plane...tenuous link to F=ma
F = ma Newton's laws in space
F = ma in shopping trolleys
All 3 of Newton's laws
NEW bitesize - resultant forces
F=ma, F=ma, F=ma, F=maaaaaaaaaaay

14 Forces and acceleration
Electric car accelerating faster than a lambroghini
Calculating acceleration
More calculating acceleration
Star Wars / physics geek joke

15 Terminal velocity
What falls fastest - heavy or light?
Fastest highest and craziest skydive ever whenever whatever
Freefall skydiving and people NOT going upwards when their chutes open
The physics of skydiving
Get that C in your GCSE
Dropping a penny off the Empire State building.

16 Stopping Distances
Tour de France crash
Don't drink and drive
Don't do drugs and drive. Really. Just don't.
It's 30 for a reason
Mobiles and driving
It just gets worse - texting and driving
Wet weather conditions

17 Friction with different surfaces
Most slippery surfaces - Brainiac
OK, slippery socks too.
Very slippery fight scene lacks friction

18 Momentum
Bill Nye the science guy
The Simpsons - Conservation of Momentum
Conservation of momentum in space 
The Khan academy explains
Working out a momentum problem
My GCSE - momentum
Get that C at GCSE
Dropped balls together

22 Waves
Types of wave
My GCSE - a presentation from AQA
Get that C in your GCSE

23 EM waves, beyond the visible
LSG Science Infrared
William Herschel
LSG Science Ultraviolet
LSG Science
Electromagnetic Song
JamJar MMX
Brainiac - cooking an egg

24 EM uses and dangers
Dangers of UV rays
Dangers of EM waves news article
Dangers of WiFi news article
Brainiac microwaves
Dangers of microwave radiation
Dangers of X-Rays

Magnetism and electromagnetism


Magnetic fields


Fleming's left hand rule (Higher only)

Electric motors

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