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Here are some links to help you understand your GCSE Science.  
But don't forget to test yourself too!
Sci-borg exam questions

1 Equations and maths skills
Always useful whatever the topic - Rearranging equations - Get that C in your GCSE

2 The 9 types of energy
Science in Action
Scientific eye
Brainiac - the conservation of energy
GCN - Bell helmets energy transfer

3 Energy Changes
Science in Action - energy transfers in general
Scientific eye - energy transfers in general

4 Sankey Diagrams
Science in a nutshell

5 Gravitational Potential energy
The similarity between electrical potential and gravitational potential energy.
What is mass?
Brainiac - conservation of energy
Khan acadamy
Ridiculous song
Less ridiculous song

6 Kinetic energy
Science Grrl-stacked ball drop

7 Required Practical: Stretching springs (Hooke's law)
Required Practical: Malmesbury Science - Hooke's Law
Free Science Lessons - springs

8 Energy in springs

9 Energy in systems and specific heat capacity

10 Specific heat capactiy

11 Work and power
Work done
Mr. Thornton explains
Work and power song

12 Work and power experiments

13 Reducing energy transfers
The Hyperloop
GCN wind tunnel testing
​GCN air resistance
Fight scene from Transporter

14 Conduction and insulation
Expertmaths tutor: Insulating the home and payback time.

15 The theory of conduction and insulation
Science geeks - conduction explanation

19 Efficiency calculations

20 Global and National energy resources
Scientific eye : Energy for the future
Fossil fuels 101
Ways of generating electricity - expert maths tutor
In a nutshell - Nuclear energy is awesome
In a nutshell - nuclear energy is terrible
A walk around Chernobyl
Encasing Chernobyl in concrete

21 Problems with fossil fuels
BBC news - Coal: a fuel of the past
Global warming in a bottle experiment.

How the green house effect works
Big think.  Hey! Bill Nye.  How does the atmosphere trap heat?
Bill Nye.  Climate 101
Dear future generations: Sorry
Get that C in your GCSE - Non renewable
Fossil fuels and their effects
300 years of fossil fuels in 300 seconds
Problems of fossil fuels
Donald Trump

22 and 23 renewable energy and comparisons
Simpsons - The death of radioactive man
Wind power
The world's largest wind turbine
Offshore wind
Wave power animation
Bill Nye - Solar power
World's largest solar farm
BBC news - Tidal Lagoons
Hydro electric - how it works
World's largest Hydroelectric dam
Pumped storage
Get that C in your GCSE - Renewable
Get that C in your GCSE - start up times
The future of alternative energy
10 future sources of energy
New ways of making electricity

​24 Standard circuit diagrams
Circuit components - Get that C in your GCSE

25 What is electricity?  What are charge and current?
Currents explained
What is a current and an amp?
AddOhms#4  What is current, potential and power?
An old one, but a gold one.
Which hurts most? AC or DC?
Which is best AC or DC?
Epic rap battles of history
How fast is an electron?  Compared to a snail?

26 Series and Parallel
NBHS - Series and parallel circuits
Current in series and parallel circuits
Kirchoff's law

27 Measuring the current
Build and measure electrical circuits

28 Measuring the potential difference
Calculating Ohm's law
Voltage, current and Ohm's law
The basics of voltage
Jamjar MMX - Series and parallel, current and voltage
HIGHER ONLY - The similarity between electrical potential and gravitational potential energy.

29 and 30 Required practical:  The resistance of a wire
Required practical: Sci-borg
Required Practical: Malmesbury Science - Resistance of a wire
Bitesize resistance - very important.
Ohms's Law

31 Adding resistors together

32 and 33 Required practical: Resistors in series and parallel
Required Practical : Malmesbury Science - Resistors in series and parallel

34 Required practical: Resistors, bulbs and diodes
What is a diode?
What are LDRs and thermistors?
Get that C in your GCSE

35 Interpreting characteristic graphs of resistors, bulbs and diodes
Interpreting VI graphs including LDRs and thermistors (Get to know Science)

36 Home Safety
wiring a plug, fuses and RCCBs
Free Science lessons
PaulGolfTV How to wire a 3 pin plug

37 More characteristic graphs

38 Energy transfers and power calcualtions. P= IV etc
Bitesize - very important.
Voltage, current and power 

39 The national grid and transformers
Sci-borg - the national grid
Follow Electricity's Journey Through the Transmission System
The Journey of Electrical Energy
How Power Gets to Your Home
Electric City
Which hurts most? AC or DC?
AddOhms#5 What is AC and DC?
Sci-borg - using the power equation IpVp = IsVs

44 The particle model
D-news. A new 4th state of matter.

45 Density

46 and 47 Required practical: Measuring density

48 Changes of state
Trappist 1
The Goldilocks zone - NASA discovers 500 new planets.
Evantube - making fidget spinners out of gallium.

49 Temperature changes

50 Internal energy

51 ΔE = m c Δθ

52 Particle model and pressure
Science in action  - pressure
Balloon on bed of nails
Walking on eggs
Hazel explains pressure
calculating pressure

53 HIGHER: Kinetic energy and pressure

54 Separate physics only: Pressure in a gas
Richard Hammond - Boiling water in a vacuum
Sci -guys crushing a can
Crushing a massive oil drum
Marshmallows in a vacuum

55 Atomic structure
Atomic Mass
What is an isotope?
Tyler DeWitt

56 Electrons can move up and down

57 Development of the model of the atom
Rutherford's gold foil experiment
Backstge Science - Rutherford
Tyler DeWitt

58 Radiation and background radiation
Veritassium - The most radioactive places on Earth
All about radioactivity
What is ionising radiation?
Alpha, beta, gamma demonstration
How do you stop ionising radiation?
There is a song about everything
What is in an atom?
Get that C in your GCSE

59 Alpha, beta and gamma
Alexander Litvinenko
What is ionising radiation?
Alpha, beta, gamma demonstration
How do you stop ionising radiation?
There is a song about everything!
Get that C in your GCSE
Fuse school

60 Nuclear equations

Uzi the Iceman - Long documentary includes C14.
Half-life - Tyler DeWitt
Half-life calculations - Tyler DeWitt
Get that C in your GCSE

62 Using half-life to work out how much is left

This is the end of everything you need for your first exam.
There is still one more exam to go though!

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