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Biology (Separate) GCSE

- The extra bits that you need for Separate Biology GCSE 

Protein synthesis
Teachers Pet - protein synthesis
Protein synthesis
TEDed - The twisting tale of DNA
Stated Clearly - What is DNA? Contains protein synthesis
Voyage inside the cell
Untamed Science - Cells Alive: A Musical Journey
Amoeba Sisters - mRNA
Amoeba Sisters - Protein synthesis
Crash Course - Transcription and Translation

Culturing micro-organisms

Monoclonal antibodies

Plant disease

The Brain

The eye

​Controlling body temperature - thermoregulation

Maintaining water balance

Maintaining Nitrogen balance

Advantages and disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction

Plant Hormones
Bite Sci Zed
Science in action (last few minutes only)
Evidence of Auxins

Trailer - Attack of the clones
CNN news item - Dolly the sheep
GCSE Revision - Dolly the sheep
Virgin birth in snakes
Dolly the sheep - the cloning controversy
The Eyes of Nye - Cloning
SourceFed - Dinosaurs will never be Cloned
Get that C in GCSE - Cloning

Cells, chromosomes, DNA and genes
Little mix - DNA
TEDEd - DNA...The book of you
DNews - You're DNA is a hard drive
Bill Nye Science Guy - Genes
What is DNA?
DNA structure
Simple animation
Crash Course in DNA structure and replication
Crash Course in heredity
Medical Institution - How does all that DNA fit in a nucleus

DNA extraction
Strawberry DNA extraction
How to extract DNA from strawberries
BioNerd - Preparing a sample of her own DNA... DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

DNA discovery
The discovery of DNA The secret of life
DNA Double Helix Discovery
HHMI - Double Helix Discovery
A home made Epic rap battle

Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution


Mendel and genetics


Impact of environmental change

Trophic levels
Energy and Biomass

Food production and security

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