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Chemistry GCSE (Separate)

Properties of transition metals

Bulk and surface properties of materials

Nano particles

Yield and atom economy
28 Yields
My GCSE - Percentage yield

Using concentrations of solutions in mol/dm3

Amounts of substance in relation to volumes of gases
What is a mole? TED lecture.

Required Practical:  Malmesbury Science - Titrations

Chemical cells and fuel cells

Alkenes + alcohols -->

Synthetic and natural polymers e.g. polyethene
Ancient film about nylon
Making nylon
How plastic bags are made
How fabrics are made
Making nylon industrially - Difficult

Identification of positive ions - flame tests, and spectroscopy
My GCSE - Test for positive ions - flame tests

Identification of negative ions - precipitates.
My GCSE - Test for negative ions 

Using materials - preventing corrosion

NPK fertilizers and the Haber process

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