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Year 8 Science 

These are the topics that you will study throughout the year.

1 - September to November

Photosynthesis and respiration

Too much sugar and fat
Burning a Pringle
Evaporating Coke

The essential food groups
Food groups
Scientific eye - diet and nutrition
The food groups are rockin' tonight

A balanced diet
Healthy breakfast ideas

Acids and alkalis

Electricity and magnetism

2 - November to January 2021

Food chains, webs and ecosystems

The periodic table

The periodic table

In a nutshell - how big is an atom?
Scientific eye - The periodic table
Science in focus - Periodic Table Blind date
Scientific Eye - Elements

Amazing materials - Seeing through Science
Materials and their uses.



Scientific Eye - metals

Alkali metals
Properties of group 1 metals
Brainiac alkali metals
Periodic table of videos - lithium
Periodic table of videos - sodium
Periodic table of videos - potassium
Periodic table of videos - rubidium
Periodic table of videos - caesium
Disposing of sodium



3- January to April

Adaptation and inheritance

DNALittle mix - DNA

TEDEd - DNA...The book of you

DNews - You're DNA is a hard drive

Bill Nye Science Guy - Genes

What is DNA?

DNA structureSimple animation

Crash Course in DNA structure and replication

Crash Course in heredity

Medical Institution - How does all that DNA fit in a nucleus

DNA extractionStrawberry

DNA extractionHow to extract DNA from strawberries

BioNerd - Preparing a sample of her own DNA...  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

DNA discoveryThe discovery of DNA - The secret of life

DNA Double Helix Discovery

HHMI - Double Helix Discovery

A home made Epic rap battle

In a nutshell - what is life?

Metals and acids

Motion and pressure

4 - April to May

The Earth

Bill Nye - short clip

Scienctific eye

Science in Action


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