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Biology exam 2

Homeostasis and response 

Nerves and sensitivity
BBC Bitesize
Smelling Keeps You Happy
Crash Course in the nervous system

Responding to Stimuli
Required Practical: Reaction time.

Reflex arcs
BBC Bitesize

New Living body (The Amsterdam marathon)
Classroom video - Your body is complicated
BBC Bitesize
Hormones and the endocrine system

Homeostasis - Thermoregulation

Diabetes symptoms and risks
Diabetes & Blood Sugar Level Demonstration
BBC news - Ban energy drinks to under 16s

Diabetes and how the body controls glucose.

​Menstrual cycle
Hormone control of menstrual cycle
Hormone control animation
ASAP Science - menstrual cycle
Ovulation and the menstrual cycle - animation
phases of the menstrual cycle

Inheritance, variation and evolution 

Genetic engineering / modification
The Eyes of Nye - Genetically modified foods
What is a gene?
Classroom Video - Genetic Engineering

Genes & Chromosomes
Crash course in genes and chromosomes
Crash Course in heredity
GCSE Science Revision
Bill Nye

Explaining inheritance and Genetic Diagrams
The story of inheritance  - Dara O'Brian's Science Club
Crash course in heredity
NEW bitesize Punnet squares
Learn Biology - How to draw a punnet square.

Genetic disorders
Sickle cell disease
Sickle cell - hope from gene therapy.
What is cystic fibrosis?
Cystic fibrosis sufferers have to take a lot of drugs.
Cystic fibrosis - gene therapy in the future?
BBC learning zone - Mutations and genetic diseases.

Classification of vertebrates
Crash course in classification
Crash Course in chordates
Interviews with vertebrates

Classification of invertebrates, plants and weird little things
Crash Course in ancient animals - protists and bacteria etc
Crash Course in fungi
Crash Course in really simple animals
Crash Course in MORE really simple animals
Learn Biology - Autotrophs vs Heterotrophs

20 Hybrids that you won't believe really exist
Crash courseCrash Course in speciation - Ligers and stuff like that
Crash Course in the binomial system
Zebra hybrid
Ring species

Crash Course
The Bosavi Woolly Rat
Bitesize variation
NEW bitesize variation

Plant adaptations
Anti predator adaptations - virtual classroom.
The honey badger 
The cuttlefish camouflage 

Adaptations to extreme environments
Adaptations to extremes
Hydrothermal vents - Bill Nye
Hydrothemal vents - David Attenborough
Extremophiles - tardigrades - maybe the toughest thing on Earth.

Natural Selection and evolution
The Simpsons - evolution
Fatboy Slim - Right here right now
Bill Nye the Science Guy
SourceFed explains turtle shells
SourceFed describes a mammoth that could be resurected / Jurassic Park-ed.
Bill Nye - Creationism is NOT appropriate!
Bill Nye, Evolution and emoji
It's OK to be smart - extinction
Crash Course in natural selection
Crash course
The Eyes of Nye - Antibiotic Resistance
TEDed - Antibacterial Resistance
In a nutshell

Fossils and evolution
Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now
It's OK to be smart - extinction
Evolution of the dolphin
Evolution of the whale - silent animation
Crash Course in the evidence for evolution
Biologos - How evolution works
In a nutshell - how evolution works

Evolution of Humans
It's OK to be smart - There was no first Human
In a nutshell - how evolution works
Biologos - How evolution works

Organisms and their environment

Interdependence and Food webs
Scientific eye - food chains (with the rabbits).

Investigating the distribution of organisms
New species of glass frog.

Human Activity Pollution & Recycling
Pollution - a global killer
Bang goes the theory
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Pollution Solutions
Pollution in China
Pollution - Land, air and sea.
Climate Change
Bill Nye recycling and garbage
Recycling aluminium
Recycling computers

The Carbon Cycle
BBC Bitesize
Crash course
An animation
That’s why Carbon is a tramp
The carbon cycle song

​Key ideas

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