Chemistry exam 2

Rates of reaction
Malmesbury Science - Rates of reaction Required Practical

Organic chemistry
Crude oil fractions
Video of Fractional distillation
Uses of Fractions
Fractional Distillation
BBC news - Making plastics

Investigating fuels
Scientific eye - fuels

Video of cracking
Scientific eye  - Cracking
The Fuse School - Cracking

Chemical analysis
Required Practical: Malmesbury Science - Chromatography

Chemistry of the atmosphere


Our atmosphere today

How much oxygen is in the atmosphere - experiments
Oxygen and candle
Finding the percentage of oxygen with copper turnings

Our changing atmosphere

The Earth's ancient atmosphere
The early atmosphere
How the earth was formed - long version
How the earth was made

Acid Rain
The Simpsons Acid Rain
The Fuse School

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