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Physics GCSE

This is your activity description. Describe the options available, along with important deadlines, requirements or time commitments necessary, so students understand what’s involved. Don’t forget a fun image or video!

Let's go

16 and 17 Separate Physics only  - which is the best insulator?
AQA GCSE Insulating a house
Scientific eye - energy efficiency
8 Things to do at home to reduce energy use
Scientific eye - energy efficiency
AQA energy efficiency

41 Separate physics only: Static electricity
Bill Nye the science guy
Scientific eye - includes animation of electrons moving and the Van Der Graaf.
Hair stands up with a Van der Graaf generator
Bending water, and a good explanation
Van der graaf demo
Get that C in your GCSE
Voltage, current and the Van der Graaf

42 Separate physics only: Static experiments
Brainiac destroys a caravan with static
Scientific eye - Spraying cars and bikes.
Scientific eye - includes bike being spayed and earthing.
A demonstration of an industrial smoke precipitator.
A (more complicated) animation of a smoke precipitator.
NEW bitesize shows a photocopier
How does a photocopier work?
Bitesize includes a little diagram of industrial chimneys being cleaned by static.
electrostatic precipitator
What is earthing / grounding

43 Separate physics only: Electric fields

25 Volume and pressure
Volume and pressure in a basket ball
Tyler DeWitt - Boyle's law
BBC news - Dog in space
Richard Hammond - Boiling water in a vacuum

63 Sep Phys only - Hazards of radioactivity
What is background radiation?
Radon gas - the larges sources of background radiation
Get that C in your GCSE
Veritassium - The most radioactive places on Earth

31 Ionising radiation
What is ionising radiation?
Alpha, beta, gamma demonstration
How do you stop ionising radiation?
There is a song about everything!
Get that C in your GCSE

64 Sep Phys only - Uses of radioactivity
Lots of uses of radiation
Uses of radiation
How a smoke detector works
Radioactive tracers in medicine
Alexnder Litvenenko 
Get that C in your GCSE

65 Sep Phys only - More uses of radioactivity

66 Sep Phys only - Fission 
Real Life Lore - Sizes of different nuclear bombs.
Bang goes the theory - Inside a nuclear reactor
What happens in nuclear fission?
Another fission explanation
Just why exactly does E=mc2?
Now this guy is CLEVER!
Epic rap battles of history
Mouse trap fission
Science Bob's mousetrap nuclear fission
Nuclear fission and control rods
Get that C in your GCSE
What went wrong at Fukushima?
The most famous nuclear employee in the world
What's in a nuclear reactor?
How does a nuclear reactor work?
25 facts about Chernobyl
Nasty waste in a big hole in the ground.
Let's dump nuclear waste in a beautiful place
These people would like to stop them!
The new Hinkley Point C looks great!
The new Hinkley Point C looks like a costly disaster!

67 Sep Phys only - Fusion
Spiderman 2 - Doc Ock tries to do fusion
Fission bomb v Fusion bomb
Nuclear fusion in stars - Sci Show
Science channel - Nuclear fusion
Science Asylum - Explanation of fusion
Explanation of fusion
The future is fusion
One day we'll all have one of these
These guys THOUGHT they'd invented cold fusion.
The difference between Fission and Fusion from JamJarMMX
Get that C in your GCSE

68 Sep Phys only - Comparing fission and fusion
Brian Greene / Stephen Colbert stacked ball drop

Moments and levers


Pressure in fluids

Velocity time graphs for terminal velocity

Graphs of motion for stopping distances

Conservation of momentum - collisions between two objects

19 Crumple zones
The Office - Stanley in bubble wrap.
Brainiac series 2 episode 1 contains chucking a TV out of a van
World's scariest bungee jumps
World egg throwing / catching championships
This is why cars have safety features
Safety features on a car
Crumple zone film
Air bags
How does an air bag work
Wear a seat belt
Human crash test dummies - actual humans deliberately crashing.

20 Momentum and safety
Higher only Brick university explains F = (mv-mu)/T
Man jumps out of plane onto trampoline
And another one

The relationship between velocity, wavelength and frequency in different mediums

Reflection of waves

Reflection of light by different substances  (Required Practical)

27 Ultrasound
A sweep through different frequencies.
An ultrasound scan of a baby.
How an ultrasound scan works.
Bats flying and using ultrasound to 'see'.
Dolphin echo location animation.
Ship sonar ocean echo location.

28 Infrasound
Animal supersense - elephant infrasound
Infrasound as a weapon
Brainiac Brown Noise - nearly infrasound, but not quite

Waves for detection and investigation
29 Earthquakes
The California Earthquake (short)
The Dudley Earthquake
The Kobe Earthquake
DNews - Nepal Earthquake
Japanese Tsunami
Earthquake resistant buildings

30 Seismic waves and their detection
How to detect Seismic waves.
P and S wave animation
Earthquake Epicentre Triangulation
How to locate an epicentre
What can we learn by drilling into the mantle?

18 Lenses
Doc Physics - Tracing rays on converging and diverging lenses.
Scientific eye - reflection, refraction and optics

​Visible light and colours

Black body radiation

Diagrams of electromagnetic devices


Induced potential

40 HIGHER only: The design of transformers
iGCSE - transformer equation
The Transformer
Sci-borg - using the equation about the number of turns Vp/Vs = Np/Ns

15 The solar system and exploration
Lego Orrery Earth and moon
Lego Orrery - The whole solar system
Solar system
Voyager - BBC news item.
New Horizons - Journey to Pluto - BBC news item
History of the telescope
In a nutshell - The Solar system
NASA astronauts dying on Apollo mission.
In a nutshell - our solar system
In a nutshell - space elevator

16 Heliocentric model and history of observing the universe
Copernicus and the heliocentric model
Geocentric and heliocentric theories

25 Spectrometers and the composition of stars
Bill Nye - Outer Space
Teacher Tube - Life cycles of stars 
Institute of physics - Life cycle of stars
Andromeda Dave- A star's life cycle 
GCSE revision - Life cycle of stars
Astronomically correct twinkle twinkle little star
     -and a shorter written version.
Nuclear fusion in stars
Explanation of fusion
Life cycles of stars - Get that C in your GCSE

26 Theories about the universe
Bill Nye - the Universe
Hubble's expanding Universe
Crash Course - The big bang.
Big Bang v Steady State
In a nutshell - The Big Bang

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