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This is your activity description. Describe the options available, along with important deadlines, requirements or time commitments necessary, so students understand what’s involved. Don’t forget a fun image or video!

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Chemistry exam 1

​Atomic structure and the periodic table
Structure of the atom
JamJarMMX - structure of the atom
JamJarMMX - atomic number and mass
Professor Dave explains
The Fuse school - atomic number and mass
Bitesize - the periodic table
The Fuse school - istopes
Isotopes and relative abundance
In a nutshell - How big is an atom?
Crash Course in atoms

Alkali metals
Properties of group 1 metals
Periodic table of videos - lithium
Periodic table of videos - sodium
Periodic table of videos - potassium
Periodic table of videos - rubidium
Periodic table of videos - caesium
Brainiac alkali metals
Disposing of sodium

Electron shells
A diagram of the periodic table
Fuse school - drawing electron shells
Tyler DeWitt

The modern periodic table
A diagram of the periodic table
JamJarMMX - Some of the different elements
JamJarMMX - periodic table
Crash Course in the periodic table.
Periodic table of videos - Gold
JamJarMMX - transition metals
Top 10 weirdest elements
DNews - The 75 elements in your mobile phone

Mendeleev's periodic table
My GCSE - Early versions of the periodic table
Adam Hart Davis 2nd half - Mendeleev's dream
The Genius of Mendeleev's periodic table

Group 7 - the halogens
Comparing the 4 halogens
Periodic table of videos - fluorine
Periodic table of videos - chlorine
Chlorine in war
Periodic table of videos - iodine 
Periodic table of videos - bromine

Displacement reactions
Displacement of halogens by other halogens

More halogen reactions
Halogens and iron wool - shows their reactivity changing

Noble gases
JamJarMMX - noble gases
A fairly random video about the noble gases.
Density of the noble gases
Fuse school - Short clip
Sung science - a bit cheesy
Short clip - talking through the periodic table
Free Science lessons

Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter

Ionic bonding
Crash Course in the 'Law of Conservation of Mass'.
My GCSE - balancing equations
My GCSE Ionic bonding
JamJarMMX - making sodium chloride
Ionic Bonding presentation Na-Cl bonding

Properties of ionic compounds
My GCSE Ionic compounds
Bitesize - bonding

If I woke up soluble song.  Features kittens.
Dissolving ammonia gas in water - It is very soluble.

Soluble, insoluble and precipitation
My GCSE - making soluble salts
Crash Course in precipitation reactions.
My GCSE- making insoluble salts

Covalent bonds
Covalent bonds means sharing

Classifying substances
My GCSE - Giant covalent compounds

Structure and properties of covalent substances
My GCSE - simple covalent molecules

Metallic bonding
My GCSE - Metallic Bonding

Quantitative chemistry

Relative formula mass
My GCSE - Relative formula mass

​Chemical changes
Scientific Eye - Chemical reactions

Acids, alkalis and bases
Required Practical: Malmesbury Science - Making copper sulfate

Friends - The one with the jellyfish

Required practical: Malmesbury Science - Electrolysis

Energy changes
Temperature changes
Required Practical: Malmesbury Science - Temperature changes 
JamJarMMX - exothermic reactions
JamJarMMX - endothermic reactions
Science Bank - Reactions and energy changes
My GCSE - Exo and endothermic reactions
My GCSE - Exo and endothemic reactions and energy level diagrams HIGHER ONLY
Bond breaking

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